About Side-Bar

gavel to represent the bar exam and law school


The Side-Bar® System was created to solve problems that nearly all law students experience. They developed a unique, comprehensive bar exam review course that provides law students the tools necessary to pass the bar exam.

No, law school and passing the bar exam are not easy. However, it is not nearly as difficult as its current reputation. Side-Bar’s goal is to break the stigma of how difficult it is to get through law school and pass the bar.

When given the proper tools and system to apply them, law students find that law school becomes much less difficult and the bar exam becomes just another test. Thus, what we are offering law school students and graduates waiting to take the bar exam is unlike anything you’ve been presented before!

For example, Side-Bar for bar exam takers is a system for acing the bar exam. It is a sytematic approach that prepares you in the best possible way for you to study and feel confident that you will succeed.

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Bar passage rates have been declining for several years. Now is the time for you to break out of the mold and try Side-Bar for your exam prep and pass the first time!