About Side-Bar

The Side-Bar® System was created by the Southern California College of Law (SCCL) to address and provide solutions to the specific issues and problems encountered by law students in law school, and also to provide the most unique and comprehensive bar exam review course that gives students the necessary tools to pass the bar exam.

We felt that it was time to break the mystique of how difficult law school and passing the bar exam is. Of course, law school (and passing the bar exam) is not easy. However, it is not nearly as difficult as it has recently been touted to be. In fact, the original law degree- giving authority to take the bar exam- began (and was for many years) as a Bachelor degree called an L.L.B. It was not until the 1960’s and 70’s in which the majority of universities converted the L.L.B. degree into a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.

If a student is given the proper tools and a proper system to apply those tools, law school becomes much less difficult and the bar exam becomes just another exam. Thus, what SCCL is now presenting (to the law school student and the graduate waiting to take the bar exam) has never been presented before!

How Does the Side-Bar System Work?

The Side-Bar System consists of two parts (each independent of the other). The first is Side-Bar for Law Students which consists of providing a system for students to efficiently exceed in law school.

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 Side-Bar for Law Students

The second is Side-Bar for bar exam takers, which is a system for acing the Bar exam.

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 Side-Bar for Bar Exam Takers

We believe in learning the law through the power of storytelling. A story provides the perspective and framework that makes recall so much easier. Using imagery, structure, and process will help you make so much more sense out of the reams of information you are trying to commit to memory. This power is most aptly presented in the following short TED talk: