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The Side-Bar Review Course is focused on the State of California Bar Exam and the thirty-three other states which administer the Universal Bar Exam (UBE), which is developed by the National Conference on Bar Examiners (NCBE).

The course is divided into three sections which comprise the Bar Exam. These are: the essay questions, the multiple choice MBE questions and the performance exam. All three of these components are given in California and the other thirty-three states which administer the UBE.

As you may know, the essay questions and the performance exam in California are developed by the California State Bar, while in the UBE states, they are developed by the NCBE. Whereas for all jurisdictions, the multiple choice (MBE) questions are developed by the NCBE. Therefore, the MBE questions will be exactly the same in any given year for all State Bar exams.

MBE questions cover the following subjects: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.

The essay questions in California cover: Civil Procedure (Federal and California), Constitutional Law, Contracts (including the UCC), Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, Wills & Trusts, Business Relationships (Corporations, Agency, Partnerships and LLC’s), Professional Responsibility, Remedies, and Community Property.

The essay questions in UBE states cover: Civil Procedure (Federal), Constitutional Law, Contracts (including the UCC), Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, Wills & Trusts, Business Relationships (Corporations, Agency, Partnerships and LLC’s), and General Family Law.

Thus, the thirty-three states administering the UBE do not test on Professional Responsibility, Remedies, Community Property, and California Civil Procedure, but do test on General Family Law.

The California Bar Examiners have changed their format from a three day exam to a two day exam which is in-line with most other jurisdictions. The California Exam now gives you a total of five (one hour each) essay questions and one ninety minute performance examination on day one and then 200 MBE questions on day two, split into two sessions of 100 questions each. The UBE has a two day exam which gives you six (thirty minute each) essay questions, two (ninety minute each) performance exams, and 200 MBE split into two sessions of 100 questions each. Thus, the exams are very similar.

Because we provide in this review course all course elements of both the California exam and the UBE exam, which ever jurisdiction you are in, you will be able to tailor this course to your jurisdiction.

Your Instructor

William Hansult, J.D.
William Hansult, J.D.

Bill Hansult is a practicing California attorney and launched Side-Bar to help students pass the California and UBE exams at the lowest possible cost. He spent two years developing a system that works for both California and UBE states. The program differs from many other programs because it does not use lectures.

Instead, he provides students with outlines, practice tests and a schedule. It is the same memory reinforcement system that Bill used to pass the California Bar exam several years ago. After students master a long outline, they move to smaller and smaller ones, until a week before the exam. At that point, students switch to a "Bar Bones" outline which includes everything in 12 pages and is used as a refresher.

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