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We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable, comprehensive, and flexible programs available.

We offer an initial discount, incentive rebates, and sliding scale discounts making our pricing even more affordable. Plus, we are the only company to offer a money back refund if you are not satisfied (see refund policy below).

In addition, we are the only Bar Review Course which also offers remedial courses for just about every law school class offered from the first year through graduation in a new and patent-pending format designed to have you learn the law and its analysis easily and efficiently.

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    Side-Bar Method Course

    Learn how to apply the Side-Bar Method and gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed in law school and ace the bar exam.

    Price: FREE

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    Bar Exam Review

    The Side-Bar® Bar Review system is different and more comprehensive than any other bar review course on the market today. 

    The course is divided into three sections which comprise the Bar Exam. These are:

    1) The essay questions

    2) The multiple choice MBE questions

    3) And the performance exam

    Introductory Price: $599 

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    Law Student Tutored Courses

    Law School Tutored Curriculum: $200 per course*

    • First Year bundled package: $900 (includes Baby Bar for California students)
    • The Second Year bundled package: $800
    • California Baby Bar Review Individual Price: $299

    “Tell a Friend” Affiliate Program

    • Help us create a "win-win" by referring students to our programs.
    • Upon enrolling as an affiliate/ambassador and agreeing to provide us with a review you will receive a $500 discount off of the already discounted Bar Exam Review course. 
    • Beyond that, you will earn 20% cash for sales referrals for referring students who sign up and stay with us longer than the 15-day money back guarantee period.
    • For five and or more student referrals in a six-month bar exam cycle, there is an additional cash bonus of $500.

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    We will provide an unconditional one-time full refund for first-time purchasers. You may cancel your enrollment/purchase once you have used, downloaded or been shipped course materials, or had access to any online bar review course or any other course content, for any reason within 15 days of your original purchase and payment. To receive your refund, simply email us within the 15 days.

    You have access to all course materials for a period of 12 months after your payment (18 months for the full Bar Exam Review). Under certain circumstances, access to the bar review course may be extended at no cost.

    For Bar Exam takers, while we feel very confident that you will pass; however, if you did not pass, we will extend your access to the bar review course for an additional 6 months at no charge. If you wish to have this additional 6 months, simply contact us via email or U.S. Mail with proof from your State Bar of your grade.

    *Applies to 6-month courses. For example, Criminal Procedure is a 6-month course and Torts 1 & 2 are two six month courses.