Side-Bar for Bar Exam Takers

The Side-Bar System provides a comprehensive California Bar Review course which is applicable to all jurisdictions. However, the Side-Bar review course is unlike any other bar review course on the market today.

It's Time to Form an Effective Plan

In the Side-Bar System, the student is not left on his/her own to figure out what to do and where to start. It is all laid out in a progressive plan which the student follows within his/her own schedule. There are no lectures to attend or watch, no flash cards and no hype about customization to the student’s particular strengths or weaknesses. What's presented are specific methods, techniques and tips to succeed in both the essay questions and the multiple choice (MBE) questions, coupled with tips on how to pass the performance exam.

All course materials are provided, and everything is provided to prepare a student to take and pass the bar exam, both the question and essay portions.

No lectures to attend, no flash cards, no hype - yet everything you need to succeed on the UBE or California Bar!

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