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The Side Bar Story: A New Way to Pass the Bar Exam and Law School

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My name is William Hansult. I founded the Side Bar program, with my partner, because after years of experience, I learned two things; first, I knew there was a much better way to structure and deliver a legal education geared at allowing the students to actually learn more efficiently and easily without all of the “hazing.” And second, I learned that the “establishment” did not want me to have the ability to bring this new and innovative program to you.

The Tough Reality of Law School Drop Out and Bar Exam Pass Rates

My story is not unlike many others in that my parents instilled in me that an advanced education would be a path to the future. Although, while growing up, my Mom would often say to me that I would make a good lawyer, I ended up taking a different path and went to business school and eventually went on to get an MBA.

Do Current Law Students Need Remedial Study and Different External Bar Preparation?

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The short answers are: 'it depends' and 'probably.' Why? Because students, circumstances, and bar results have changed in the last decade.

Traditionally, because of the general difficulty of state bar exams, a majority of law school graduates had chosen to take some form of external bar preparation course. Despite the rigors of law school and the emphasis on legal analysis, culminating in writing essay exams, state bar exams were found to be difficult to pass.

Why the System is Flawed

Within the traditional setting, law schools had emphasized the precepts of IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion), and thus concentrated their classes on these precepts to culminate in training students to be very adept at approaching, analyzing, and writing essay exams. For bar exam takers, this left a gap - the dreaded multiple choice questions called the MBE.

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