Does it Make Dollars and Cents to Take a Bar Exam Prep Course?

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Stephen Grimm

President and Partner,

After spending a virtual “mint” to graduate from law school, you are faced with a decision on whether to commit more money to assist you in passing the state bar exam. At this critical stage, every opportunity should be considered to better to increase chances of success. The odds are not in your favor, as bar exam passage has been declining on a percentage basis for several years. For example, while results for the California Bar improved slightly with the July 2017* exam, the pass numbers for the past several summer exams, has been mediocre, at best:

  • July 2017* - 49.6%
  • July 2016 -  43.1%
  • July 2015 -  46.6%
  • July 2014 -  48.6%
  • July 2013 -  55.8%
  • July 2012 - 55.3%

*the State Bar changed the method for calculating % passage to exclude those who sat for but did not finish the exam.

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